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What we do

We offer SEO services on a monthly retainer basis, with no contract required.

We understand that achieving a #1 ranking requires an SEO specialist, web developer, content writer, link builder, and much more. All the resources and deliverables included in this retainer are specifically designed to rank your content for the targeted keywords.

Keyword Research
We expand our keyword research to include audience research, learning about all related topics. You will receive a topical map and a content calendar that outlines the delivery of the content.
Technical SEO
We begin with a technical audit to identify any issues affecting your site's performance. Our developer will resolve these issues, and you'll receive a checklist to track progress.
Link Building
Each month, we reach out to at least five websites or media outlets for backlink opportunities. In most cases, our clients receive four to six high-quality backlinks per month.
Content Writing
We don't stop once the writing is done. We design thumbnails and use infographics to optimize the audience experience, making every piece of content a pleasure to read.
Competitor Analysis
We identify gaps in your content from your competitors. Incorporating this analysis into your content strategy will allow you to cover all the keywords your audience searches for.
Data & Analytics
A customized dashboard is set up for you to monitor performance. We will walk you through the dashboard bi-weekly to review the delivery and its impact on keyword ranking results.

Why choose us?

We deliver results for your SEO campaign. SEO success is all about providing relevant information to your audience in a format that's digestible to Google's algorithm.

Great content, great links, and a great website are what's needed to convince Google that you are a rankable entity. We're here to make it happen.

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Updated SEO Best Practices
Outdated SEO practices are not going to rank your site. We make sure we'll leverage every little update on the algorithm to rank your site.
Transparent Workflow
Many SEO agencies are shady about their work. We ensure transparency and involve you in the process.
Experienced Industry Writers
Our writers bring years of industry experience to the table. They explore the subject matter from an insider’s perspective, delivering insights that an average writer cannot.
Goal-orientated Mindset
Traffic is meaningless if it cannot be converted into conversions. Before starting the campaign, we'll discuss your goals with you and customize an SEO strategy to achieve them.

Results we delivered

This SEO package has helped multiple companies to drive SEO success.

Frequently asked questions

80% of the clients have asked us these questions before, so we put them all here.

How long does it take to see results from SEO efforts?

It depends. The timeline to see results largely varies from industry competitiveness, existing SEO, content quality, and strategy. In short, here is an overview of you can expect:

  • Short-term (1-3 months): You might notice initial improvements such as better rankings for long-tail and less competitive keywords and increased organic traffic from these terms.
  • Medium-term (3-6 months): Expect more noticeable progress. As content gets indexed and earns backlinks, you’ll see gradual increases in search rankings, organic traffic, and engagement.
  • Long-term (6-12 months and beyond): The most significant outcomes appear with sustained efforts. Improved rankings for competitive keywords can lead to substantial increases in traffic, lead generation, and potentially conversions.

How do you measure the success of SEO campaigns?

Before every SEO campaign, we set a primary goal and define what conversion means to your business. The primary goal is a metric that you are optimizing for i.e. traffic/conversion etc.

Apart from the primary goal, we also use the following metrics to oversee the performance of the SEO campaign: search engine ranking, engagement rate, and keyword growth.

Let's talk

Let's meet to discuss any challenges you're facing to see if we can help.

If we find a good fit, we'll work together. If not, we can part ways with no hard feelings. :)