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SEO Audit Service

Maximizing your SEO effort by auditing and figuring out root clause.

Our audit process goes beyond just technical audits, reaching into strategic levels. We can quickly identify if you're starting off in the wrong direction and guide you back on the right path.

What is an SEO Audit?

A comprehensive SEO audit is designed to evaluate a site's effectiveness in appearing within SERPs (search engine results pages). Our comprehensive audit zeroes in on various elements of your website to identify and correct any shortcomings. Here's what we cover:

On-page Content Evaluation: assess the relevance, quality, and optimization of your content for key search terms.
Off-page Backlink Analysis: review both the quality and quantity of external links pointing to your site.
User Experience (UX) Evaluation: evaluation ensures that your website's design and navigation create a positive user experience.
Site Health Checks: identify and address any crawl issues, broken links, and other errors that could impact your site’s performance.
Technical SEO Analysis: ensure that your website's architecture is set up to adhere to SEO best practices.
Competitor Analysis: compare your SEO metrics with those of your key competitors to identify areas for improvement.
Audience Analysis: examine the indexed keywords and identify if there's mismatch on content strategy.

Why do I need an SEO audit for my website?

Think of an SEO audit as visiting a doctor when something doesn't feel right. Just as a doctor diagnoses your symptoms and prescribes the appropriate treatment, an audit pinpoints the SEO issues holding back your SEO efforts. Without this critical insight, any steps you take in your SEO campaign might yield a low return on investment (ROI).

By methodically reviewing your website, an SEO audit uncovers technical issues, content gaps, and opportunities for optimization. These valuable insights empower you to make well-informed decisions and implement strategies that can dramatically enhance your site’s performance, visibility, and engagement with your target audience.

Maximize Search Engine Visibility

Critical technical issues can block your website from being indexed, which is fundamental to successful search engine optimization campaigns. By conducting regular SEO audits, we help you identify and resolve problems that might be obstructing your website’s visibility in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

As a result, more of your web pages will get indexed, allowing your site to rank for more keywords, which makes it easier for potential customers to find your business online.

Enhance User Experience

While bounce rates and engagement levels are critical indicators of user experience—and consequently of E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)—these factors are often overlooked. An SEO audit can uncover usability issues that contribute to poor performance in these areas. 

By addressing these problems, you make your site more navigation-friendly, not only keeping users on your site longer but also encouraging deeper interaction. This can lead to increased conversions and better customer retention.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Just doing 1% better than your competitors can help you outperform them in keyword rankings. An SEO audit delivers valuable insights into how your website measures up against the competition and pinpoints areas where you can improve. 

By gaining a deeper understanding of your competitors, you can strategize more effectively and implement best practices that set your site apart. This not only helps establish your brand’s unique value proposition but is also essential for capturing and maintaining market share.

Optimize Marketing ROI

SEO audits are key to refining your marketing efforts, as they help pinpoint the strategies that work best and identify any wasteful practices. By focusing on the areas that promise the highest return on investment, you can allocate your resources more efficiently, boosting your overall marketing effectiveness. 

Furthermore, regular audits enable you to monitor the progress of your SEO strategies, making it possible to make timely adjustments that optimize both impact and budget efficiency.

What does our SEO audit services include?

Our SEO audit has one clear goal: to pinpoint areas for improvement that enhance your search visibility. We adopt a multi-faceted approach to ensure that every aspect of your site's SEO is optimized, maximizing both performance and keyword rankings.

On-page SEO Audit

Our on-page SEO audit focuses on the elements of your website that users see and interact with, ensuring they're fully optimized for search engines. We evaluate keyword usage, content quality, and relevance, as well as URL structure and meta tag application. Additionally, we review your internal linking strategies and the optimization of images and other media elements to ensure they effectively boost your site's SEO performance.

Technical SEO Audit

In our technical SEO audit, we dive deep into your website’s architecture to ensure it's structured in a way that search engines can readily understand and index. We scrutinize the robots.txt file, XML sitemap, site speed, mobile responsiveness, and security protocols. Addressing these technical aspects is vital for enhancing your site’s functionality and user experience, making sure both search engines and visitors can navigate it smoothly.

Off-page SEO Audit

Our off-page SEO audit examines the external factors that influence your website’s ranking in search engines. We evaluate the quality and quantity of your backlinks, your presence on social media, and other external signals that affect your SEO. This analysis is key to understanding how your site is perceived by other websites and the broader internet community, and it helps you enhance your overall online reputation.

SEO Strategy

Following our comprehensive audits, we craft a customized SEO strategy tailored to your specific needs and goals. This strategy includes detailed, actionable steps to address the issues we've identified and to capitalize on opportunities. It's designed to align with your business objectives and target audience, ensuring that your SEO efforts drive relevant traffic and lead to meaningful conversions.

SEO Report

You will receive a detailed SEO report that outlines our findings, discusses the implications of these issues, and provides our recommendations for corrections and improvements. The report is structured to offer clear insights and straightforward next steps, making it easy for you to understand and act upon.

Audit Implementation

Optionally, our services can extend beyond the audit to include the implementation of our recommendations. Our team is ready to work directly with your web developers and content creators to ensure that all SEO enhancements are executed properly for optimal results.

Why Choose Us?

Are you putting too much effort into solving a problem in the wrong direction? Our SEO audit can provide you with the ultimate answer.

Unlike many SEO service agencies that treat the SEO audit process as simply checking items off a list, our approach is designed to help you clearly define the problem and plan the execution. This enables you to address the SEO issues that truly affect your rankings, significantly enhancing the ROI of your SEO efforts.

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Results we delivered

This SEO package has helped multiple companies to drive SEO success.

Frequently asked questions

80% of the clients have asked us these questions before, so we put them all here.

How long does it take to complete an SEO audit?

The duration of an SEO audit varies depending on the size and complexity of the website. Typically, audits for small to medium-sized websites are completed within 2 to 3 weeks. For larger sites or those with more complex issues, the process may take 4 to 6 weeks.

What types of issues can an SEO audit uncover?

An SEO audit can reveal a variety of issues that may be affecting your site's performance, including:

  • Technical problems such as slow site speed, broken links, and crawl errors.
  • On-page issues like suboptimal keyword optimization, duplicate content, or inadequate meta tags.
  • Off-page issues, including poor-quality backlinks or limited social media engagement.
  • User experience concerns, such as inefficient navigation or lack of mobile compatibility.

What happens after the SEO audit is completed?

Upon completing the SEO audit, you will receive a detailed report outlining all findings, issues, and actionable recommendations. You can choose to implement these recommendations yourself or engage our team for assistance. Additionally, a follow-up consultation is available to discuss the audit results and plan the next steps.

Do I need technical expertise to understand the audit report?

No, our audit reports are crafted to be easily understandable, featuring clear explanations of identified issues and straightforward recommendations for improvement. We also include a summary for non-technical stakeholders to ensure that everyone on your team can grasp the audit insights and suggested actions.

Can you guarantee improved search engine rankings with your SEO audit services?

While we cannot guarantee specific keyword rankings due to the ever-changing algorithms of search engines, our SEO audit is designed to address foundational issues and improve your site's potential for higher rankings.

How often should I conduct an SEO audit?

We recommend conducting an SEO audit at least once a year to ensure your site stays in line with current best practices and search engine guidelines. It's also wise to conduct an audit following major site updates, migrations, or noticeable drops in traffic.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

The cost of an SEO audit depends on the size and complexity of your website, as well as the depth of the audit required. Prices typically range from $1,000 for smaller sites to over $10,000 for large enterprise sites. We provide a detailed quote based on an initial assessment of your specific needs.

How do you prioritize the issues found during the audit?

We prioritize issues based on their impact on SEO performance and the complexity of the resolution. High-impact, easy-to-resolve issues are typically addressed first to deliver quick wins, while more complex problems are scheduled for phased implementation.

Do you offer implementation services for your audit recommendations?

Yes, we provide comprehensive implementation services to ensure that all technical and strategic SEO recommendations are properly executed. Our team can collaborate directly with your web development and content teams to effectively implement necessary changes.

Is there a follow-up consultation to discuss the audit results?

Yes, each SEO audit includes a follow-up consultation. This session is designed to review the audit findings, address any questions, and assist with planning the implementation of recommended strategies.

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