May 15, 2024

How we generate demand and drive +201% improvement for Moonic

What's the problem faced by Moonic?

Moonic is a medical spa in Hong Kong offering a unique head massage brought to the market by its founder, Billy. However, the local market was unaware of this solution, resulting in low search volumes for related keywords. Additionally, as a new website, Moonic faced challenges with indexation. Billy had attempted to work on SEO with their in-house marketing team independently, but it took too long for the web pages to index and rank for relevant keywords on Google Search.

How we fixed the root cause:

By discussing the above issues and learning about Moonic's offerings, we had identified two approaches to solve their major problems.

First, instead of targeting solution-related keywords, we adjusted the SEO content strategy to focus on queries related to the underlying problem, promoting the head massage as a solution.

Second, our in-house development team integrated the official indexing API from Google Search Console. This API notified Google of any updates we made to the site, including new or edited content, speeding up the indexation process and allowing keywords to rank much quicker on Google Search i.e. we received indexation notification within 30 minutes whenever we made changes to the content.

After the fixes:

By creatively employing a new SEO content strategy, we positioned the head massage business as a solution to the issues faced by Moonic's target customers. Additionally, with the aid of the indexing API, the entire SEO campaign ran smoothly, resulting in a +201% quarterly improvement in site traffic.