May 15, 2024

How we drive +278% on service-related keywords for BVEC

What's the problem faced by BVEC?

Bright Vision is an ophthalmologist clinic in Hong Kong owned by Dr. Justin Tong. Dr. Tong is passionate about promoting a preventative approach to eye diseases, but his written content was not gaining traction from search engines. The return on investment from writing SEO content was low compared to other marketing channels he used. Our analysis of Google Search Console and Google Analytics revealed that most web pages were not driving conversions.

How we fixed the root cause:

Before diving into keyword research, we examined the services Dr. Tong provided. We discovered a gap between the ranking keywords and the keywords that their target audience was actively searching for. This misalignment indicated a flawed SEO content strategy.

Our analysis also showed that only 24% of the ranking keywords related to Dr. Tong's services. He wrote about conditions like glaucoma without offering direct solutions. Therefore, we decided to develop a hybrid SEO strategy to improve lead generation and brand awareness.

After the fixes:

After implementing our SEO strategy, service-related keywords increased by 278%, particularly in areas like cataract, macular degeneration, and SMILE. Website traffic rose from 721 to 3,628 monthly visitors, and Dr. Tong now receives around 20 consultation inquiries daily.